READY-TO-CONNECT Linear modules, Motors & Gearboxes from igus


Do you want to technically improve your solutions and reduce costs? Switch to a sliding system!
We offer a wide range of linear modules and drive solutions  –  Suitable for almost all applications and industries.

igus® linear guide systems are maintenance-free and resistant to external influences. They run especially quiet thanks to the materials used and the special design involved. All systems can be adapted to individual needs thanks to the personal choice of high-quality single parts.

Why switch to a sliding system?  

→ Reduced running operating costs   

→ Greatly improved technology

→ Smooth and dry operation             

→ Long service life 


Linear guide rails
Drylin® T
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Telescopic rails
Drylin® NT
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Low profile guides
Drylin® N
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Lead screw technology
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Shaft guides
Drylin® R
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Electric motors/acutators
Drylin® E
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Linear drives for milling machine
Dryspin® Lead Screw Technology
Linear guides for felling wedge
Drylin® W Linear Guide Rails
Guide rails for bicycle lift
Drylin® W Profile Guides
Guide rails for cleaning robot
Drylin® T Heavy-Duty Guide Rails
Telescopic rails for kitchen system
Drylin® NT Telescopic Rails
Rail guides for camera slider
Drylin® W Profile Guides